Amber is a series of objects related to my master's degree thesis. I have chosen different objects to include inside an "Amber" shell. Within each shell, together with the object, lies a mosquito that previously feasted on some of my blood.


The project wants to encourage the audience to think of us (the contemporary society) in a long term perspective. We are the pre-history for the future.


Thus the Amber (which, for the joy of Paul J. Crutzen and the Athropocene fans, is artificial as well), and the mosquito who hasn't seen Jurassic Park?). The blood in the mosquito works as my signature as I believe (after my research for the thesis) that the signatures of both designers and artists are eventually a proper idol, somewhat fetish.


For those who are interested in reading more about the research, here is the link for the Italian version (soon to be translated in English).

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